Friday, 26 February 2016



We all are afraid of change whether its in our personal life,work,surroundings or body.We want to stay in familiar territory. And we don't want to deal with change.There are so many opportunities out there just waiting to be explored but we don't want to explore them We feel entitled to what we have know but believe me it will not remain there forever.We ignore change happening around us and we think our present situation is secure forever.Sometimes we are not even aware of change happening around us.

"If ill ask how many of you are afraid of change?"only few of you will say yes ,deep inside we all are afraid of change and we are not even aware of it."A change imposed is a change opposed". I think it is better to initiate change while you can than it is to try to react to it.There are so many things out in the world just waiting to be found.

So we should not be afraid of change.Changing with time is a good thing because if you want to survive in this world you should be able to adapt.

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